Heal your own body from autoimmune struggles by learning to listen to your body and respond with self-compassion.

Do you struggle with a chronic illness and anxiety that seem to go in an endless cycle?

You feel powerless and just wish you could detach or numb out from your physical body's problems.

You struggle with frequent anxiety attacks.

You've tried to "change your mind" and "think differently," but nothing has worked.

Your pain and inflammation could be reduced.

You had more energy to be present with your loved ones.

You didn't feel captive to your autoimmune disorder anymore.

Most people who struggle with chronic illnesses become detached to the actual sensations in their body, except for “survival mode.” They try to ignore their body, or at least do their best to "numb out" or "just tolerate it" whenever possible.

Your body has great capacity to heal itself. Your body and mind were made to work together to heal you. But your body can only start to repair itself when it feels safe.

I understand that if you struggle with an autoimmune disorder or chronic illness, you may not have felt safe in your body for a long time. That's okay. That's why, through holistic coaching, I help women learn how to pay attention to their body's cues and respond with acceptance and self-compassion. Through coaching with me, you will learn how to give your body what it needs so that it can heal.

Here's how it works:

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Get transformational healing in your physical, emotional, and mental health.

What people are saying...

"I started working with Heather to learn how to identify my anxiety triggers earlier. Her tips on movement across the midline are extremely helpful, and also the tools to quickly help calm tension in my neck and shoulders."

- Shanna F.

"While working with Heather, I felt heard. She is a good listener. She is great at coaching you through your troubles."

- Pam C.

"Restored Holistic Coaching helps you learn what works for you and your lifestyle using Heather’s suggestions and knowledge about regulating your nervous system and gut. Practice means lifelong journey. It’s not an overnight or strict thing. You have full permission to modify and flow with it. Not everyone’s practice will look the same."

- Nicole H.

"I was reminded that we can take control of this narrative with our bodies."

- Melissa C.