Find out what your teen with a chronic illness

really needs from you as a parent.

Are you the parent of a teen who has an autoimmune disorder or chronic illness?

Does it frustrate you when your teen doesn't seem to want to take control of their own wellness?

Do you hear your teen say, "You don't understand" or "You just don't get it" when it comes to their chronic illness?

Do you feel helpless as you see your teen suffer every day, and you just want it to stop?

Your teen's pain and inflammation could be reduced.

Your teen had more energy to enjoy time with friends and family.

Your teen didn't feel alone in dealing with their chronic illness anymore.

Parenting a teen is hard already. Add to that the complications of a chronic illness, and it may feel like you're just stumbling around in the dark some days.

Chronic illness is complex, and it's not always just about physical health.
There are emotional, mental and lifestyle factors at play, too, because all of our systems are connected.

Through holistic (whole-body) coaching, I help teens and their parents learn how to pay attention to their body's cues and respond with acceptance and self-compassion.

Here's how it works:

Schedule your free 30-minute Discovery Call

Learn practical ways to support your teen through regular coaching sessions with me.

See your teen experience healing in their physical, emotional, and mental health.

What people are saying...

"I started working with Heather to learn how to identify my anxiety triggers earlier. Her tips on movement across the midline are extremely helpful, and also the tools to quickly help calm tension in my neck and shoulders."

- Shanna F.

"While working with Heather, I felt heard. She is a good listener. She is great at coaching you through your troubles."

- Pam C.

"Restored Holistic Coaching helps you learn what works for you and your lifestyle using Heather’s suggestions and knowledge about regulating your nervous system and gut. Practice means lifelong journey. It’s not an overnight or strict thing. You have full permission to modify and flow with it. Not everyone’s practice will look the same."

- Nicole H.

"I was reminded that we can take control of this narrative with our bodies."

- Melissa C.


Can you help me if my teen has not been given an official diagnosis?

If you think that your teen might be struggling with autoimmune issues, but no doctor has "officially" diagnosed them, I would still love to work with you. Knowing how your teen's body works and how it was meant to heal itself all works the same way, whether an official diagnosis is there or not.

Which specific chronic illnesses do you work with?

Most of my experience is with autoimmune illnesses such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, lupus, fibromyalgia, and other similar disorders. I do not have as much experience in neuro-divergent disorders, which are sometimes classified as chronic illnesses.

Is this the same as counseling?

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, but while most psychology treatments such as "talk therapy" start with changing your thought patterns and behavior, I use a body-centered approach in my work. This means that I will help you learn to see how stress and other factors are showing up in your physical body first. Your brain and your body are wired to work together, not separately.

Will sessions include tarot card or horoscope readings?

No. While some holistic coaching and somatic trainings include these types of things, I will not be doing tarot cards, horoscope readings, vibrations, or manifestations. 

Do I have to be eating gluten free to work with you?

No. However, if you do have certain food allergies, sensitivities, or restrictions, I will take that into account when working with you. 

Will coaching sessions include spirituality?

Yes and no. I come from a Biblically-based Christian perspective, and am willing to talk with you about God, the Bible, etc, if you bring it up first. However, you certainly don't have to agree with my beliefs to have success working with me. 

Is this like working with a nutritionist?

While I have some knowledge of basic nutrition and how to work with different dietary needs, I am not a certified nutritionist. Food might be addressed during sessions, but it will not be the sole focus.